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Helene De Kock

"I write because people and relationships fascinate me. Although romantic love stands central in my novels, it can never be separated from the fabric of life itself. Love is so interwoven in the bigger picture that it affects all other relationships like those between parents and children, brothers and sisters and also our relationship with God and the world."  –  Helene de Kock

Helene de Kock’s novels certainly succeed in touching people’s hearts in a very special way. These beautiful stories, some of which take place in the Cape wine lands and others in the equally picturesque Eastern Free State, are all stories that touch the heart mainly because of this writer’s sensitive portrayal of her characters. Her novels bear testimony to her thorough knowledge of people and her fine insight into the human condition. - Alita Vorster (Journalist) )


New Publications:


Published by Human & Rousseau, 2019 "Kind uit die Wingerd"  is the latest book by Helene. Now available at Graffiti, CNA, Exclusive Books and as an E-book on




Published by Human & Rousseau, 2017 "Debora gaan huis toe"  is the follow up on Debora en seuns. Now available at Graffiti, CNA, Exclusive Books and as an E-book on



Published by Human & Rousseau, 2015 "Debora en seuns"  Now available at CNA, Exclusive Books and as an E-book on




"When Death Becomes Life" This book is about the loss of a loved one and how to be consoled.
Death treats everyone differently. But to some extent God works in the same way with all who believe. If you ask for his help, youíll receive it. Unconditionally. You only need a spark of faith to reach out weakly to your Father. Then He strengthens that spark. Because God understands your sorrow.
This book is simply about how we, as a family, have experienced the death of our child and brother. Others may experience the death of a loved one differently. But we want to, and are certainly able to, bear testimony to Godís omnipotence, his deep empathy, His perfect love that has enfolded us daily. Also, we are able to testify in this manner because He made it possible for us to do so.
That is why we want to say with all our heart:
But God who comforts the downcast, comforted us [too]. 2 Corinthians 7:6
And the most important discovery on our journey through sorrow is that Godís peace is always there for those who are searching for Him:
ď... and I will give you rest.Ē Matthew 11:28

Author Bio
Helene de Kock is a well-known Afrikaans writer who has written more than 40 novels in Afrikaans. She lives near Pretoria in South Africa. She is currently working on a PhD in Creative Writing at the University of North West in South Africa. When death becomes life is her first English book and it is about the loss of a loved one. She and her husband, dr. Jos de Kock, as well as her two other children, experienced this first hand when their eldest son and brother was killed in a motor accident. This book was written from a Christian perspective and offers hope and consolation.

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Published by Christelike Uitgewers Maatskappy, 2011 "Engel op die Drumpel" Also available as an e-book on




Published by Human & Rousseau, 2010 "Somersneeu" Also availabe as an e-book on



Published by Human & Rousseau, 2010 "Omnibus 12" Also availabe as an e-book on



Published by CUM Books - 2009         "Die hemelburgers"







Published by CUM Books, July 2007  in Afrikaans as    "AS DOOD LEWE WORD"

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Published by Human & Rousseau, 2008 "Omnibus 10" Also availabe as an e-book on